About the Wikipedia Library

The Wikipedia Library provides free access to research materials to improve your ability to contribute content to Wikimedia projects.

The Wikipedia Library Card Platform is our central tool for reviewing applications and providing access to those partner resources. Here you can see which partnerships are available, what kinds of materials each database provides, and apply for the ones you want. Volunteer coordinators, who have signed non-disclosure agreements with the Wikimedia Foundation, review applications and work with partners to get you your free access.

For more information about how application information is stored and reviewed please see our terms of use and privacy policy. Accounts you apply for are also subject to the Terms of Use provided by each partner’s platform; please review them.

Who can receive access?

Any active editor in good standing can receive access. Applications are reviewed based on the editor’s need and contributions. If you think you could use access to one of our partner resources and are an active editor in any project supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, please apply.

Any editor can apply for access, but there are a few basic requirements:

If you don't quite meet the experience requirements but think you would still be a strong candidate for access, feel free to apply and you may still be considered.

What do I do after I get access?

Once you have access we encourage you to use the databases for both research that creates or improves Wikimedia content and serves your other research needs.

Please keep in mind, our agreements with partners carry certain expectations.

Approved editors may use their access to:

Approved editors should not:

Respecting these agreements allows us to continue growing the partnerships available to our entire community.

Citation practices

Citation practices vary by project and even by article. Generally, we support editors citing where they found information, in a form that allows others to check it for themselves. That often means providing both original source details as well as a link to the partner database in which the source was found.

Here is one citation example:

{{cite journal |last1=Bearman |first1=Robert |title=Shakespeare's Purchase of New Place |journal=[[Shakespeare Quarterly]] |volume=63 |issue=4 |date=2012 |pages=465–486 |location=Washington, DC |publisher=[[Folger Shakespeare Library]] |issn=0037-3222 |eissn=1538-3555 |url= https://www.jstor.org/stable/41819765 |subscription=yes |via=[[JSTOR]]}}

Bearman, Robert (2012). "Shakespeare's Purchase of New Place". Shakespeare Quarterly. Washington, DC: Folger Shakespeare Library. 63 (4): 465–486. eISSN 1538-3555. ISSN 0037-3222 — via JSTOR. (Subscription required)

Whom do I contact if I have questions, need help, or want to volunteer?

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